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Sausage of Pain silliness...

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We have a running thing at work where one of us will occasionally bring in something of extreme heat with the goal of getting co-workers to admit defeat. The only rules are that it has to be edible (meaning it has to taste good) and it has to be an actual food item that we make, it can't just be "here, eat this spoonful of capsaicin crystals" or anything like that. Using extreme hot sauces and such in the item is allowed but it has to maintain the position of a seasoning ingredient, it can't be a tablespoon of 7 million scoville sauce with a potato chip on top. It's all in fun, no hazing or penalties for those who opt out or fail to eat the item and no rewards for those who succeed. All that said, I decided to contribute a round this week using sausages. I mixed 2 lbs. grd. pork shoulder and 1/2 lb. grd. bacon fat with 17 g smoked salt and 3 g cure #1 dissolved in 1/4 cup ice water. I made a seasoning blend of 20 g cayenne, 10 g brown sugar, 6 g chile flakes, 3 g black pepper, 3 g paprika, 3 g garlic powder, 3 g onion powder, 3 g msg and 2 g dried oregano and mixed it into the meat. I cooked and tasted a little at this point to check salt and seasoning. It was a tasty spicy sausage, like a really nice hot link. So with that base flavor I added 180 g habaneros minced in a processor with 2 rehydrated dried ghost peppers. Another taste test revealed something only fit for the true heat lover but not in the serious pain and regret territory. So I dumped in a tbsp. of Blair's Ultra Death sauce, a tbsp. of Flash Bang sauce and a tbsp. of Azz Blaster sauce (not familiar with the rules regarding certain words, even as relates to the proper name of an item, so I'll lean to the side of caution). Another taste test, now we're talking! I have it sealed up in the fridge tonight, going to let everything mingle and give it a final taste tomorrow before stuffing into hog casings. As silly as it all sounds, the sausage has a really nice flavor. I'll definitely make it again in the future minus the hot sauces and ghost pepper and with maybe half (or less) the amount of habanero so the flavor can be enjoyed in comfort.

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I'd try it!!! That actually sounds really good...
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That really sounds good keep us posted with the results 

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I'm in, keep us posted.
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I'm  a big fan of habanero pepper so please keep us posted !!!!

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It does sound good and some of the ingredients give you a chuckle in the process.  One thing I have found out is that the taste test while fresh seems to be hotter than once it's fried or smoked.  Let us know if there is any arse burning down the road, or if it's a heat treat.  Reinhard

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That's a fun read. Habs are good for playing tricks because of the heat delay. Someone will taste something and say it's not hot, but you're counting down from 15 seconds for the boom.

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Apologies for the lack of pictures. After a night in the fridge, I stuffed them today. I'd like to run them through the smoker but I won't have time for that before the weekend so I'm just going to poach 'em and brown 'em up on the grill at work tomorrow. I'll report back with the verdict. I did grab a post-stuff pic...

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Some pictures of your buddy's faces will certainly make up for it.
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:icon_evil: insert Sceemy fingers and sinister laugh!!


it will be hard to watch without a "Big Gas" grin on your face 


If you van get pics that would be awesome !

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beautiful sausages even if those might be a tad to hot for my taste

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LP, thanks for posting a pic ,those babies would be too hot for me !

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Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I have a feeling they're going to be too hot for me as well but I'll suffer along with the others. I almost want to hope what Reinhard mentioned will happen. But I guess that would defeat the purpose so hopefully they won't mellow too much during cooking. Maybe I should stop for some Tums on the way to work...

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Originally Posted by Reinhard View Post

One thing I have found out is that the taste test while fresh seems to be hotter than once it's fried or smoked.

So that ^ happened. They're hot, uncomfortably hot, but they're not deadly. At least, not going in... anything else remains to be seen. Nobody had to tap out so I wouldn't consider it completely successful but I don't intend to attempt to raise the bar on it either. There was nothing picture-worthy about the reactions. People were sweating and a couple of them were holding their guts for a while after but no real agony or anything. A little bit disappointing after loading so much heat into them but it was still fun.

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