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quick help PLEASE

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Alright, so I started smoking a 10.5 lb pork shoulder last night at 10 pm on my 18'' weber smoker.  I was going by the rule of thumb that it needs 1.5 to 2 hrs per lb - 18 hours would mean it is done at 4 pm and if it took 20 hours it would still be done by 6 pm.  So I just woke up, temp on the smoker was 225, but the internal temp on the meat is 175 after only 9 hours (7 am).  I checked multiple different spots on the meat.


Question is, what should I do?

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Forgot to mention, I intended to take it to 160 and then cover in foil to about 190 to 200 internal temp.


Should I just cover in foil now, and leave on till 3 or 4?  If it hits 200 by noon, and then sits in the foil for 4 more hours, will that have any negative effects?

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I just wouldn't foil it and take it all the way to 205 IT. If it still gets done too soon, wrap it in foil and a towel and rest it in a cooler (no ice) until you're ready to pull it.

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Foil it take it to 205. wrap in multiple layers of towels and place in cooler ,fill voids w/ towels or blankets .it will still be hot 6-8 hours later.

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Thanks all.

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As the others have said above. You can hold it for a long time in a cooler wrapped with foil and towels.

Happy smoken.


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