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Quick question about honey

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Im 5 hrs into two butts and at about 145 degrees internal. I normally wrap at 160 but I've got 4 hrs left and think I'd rather crank my heat to 275 and not wrap.

If I don't wrap, could I pour some honey over the meat towards the end? I normally pour honey on when I wrap and don't want to lose that honey flavor.
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Maybe use your honey when it's resting in foil after the smoking. I would be afraid of it burning. Maybe someone will chime in on this that does honey on Butt. I do honey on ribs but not Butts. I'll be watching.

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Your thinking is backways. You wrap the meat to shorten the cooking time. the foil allows steam to help push you thru the stalls. Its usually allows about a 1 hours deduction is cooking time. Or thats what I saw, I am not a fan of foiling. just too much trouble for me.


Course when ya get one of those 5 or 6 hours stalls you think to yourself, I shoulda wraped....LOL You should see your stall on average about 165 IT.


Bon Chance, hope it all comes out well!

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Thanks. I realize the foil is for shortening cook time and I got nothing but time and that's why I was going to try it without foil. Decided to just foil because I have a family BBQ this evening and didn't want to screw with the normal flavor.

Thanks guys.
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Sorry, I completely misunderstood. It normally "I am out of time what can I do".

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