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3 lb. bone in, pork loin time & temp questions

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Got a couple chunks of pork loins on sale.  Labeled Bone in, pork loin, loin end.

They are about 3 bones each.  around 3 lb. or slightly less, each.


But I'm not sure what the "extra" loin end, tacked on the label means, as to suitability/tenderness.  Any ideas on that?


They look pretty good.  In fact I'm sure I could cut between bones and make stuffed chops with them.  Worst that can happen is I have to use them in boiled dinners this next winter.

I think I will go get 3 or 4 more tomorrow before sale ends.  They won't go to waste, I assure you!





Approximately "how long" will "this size (3 lb. or less)" take to cook on smoker?  What temps for cooking. ( 225*-250*?) or more?

I assume I should take it to 145*-150* and let rest, for juicy meat.  I like my pork non-pink too much so I will probably shoot for 150* IT before resting.  I don't want dry though.


Any and all suggestions, experiences, and tips welcomed!


I will cooking these on a Char-Griller Offset, charcoal/wood smoker.  Not a "set it and forget it" type smoker.



Also, could these be taken off the bone, cured with Pop's brine, and used for Canadian Bacon?  Haven't done that yet.

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FPM, I've been doing 5# loins stuffed at 225* and it takes about 3.5 hours. This is without bone and cooking to 145ish.You could debone and do CB as you said, nice price on the pork !

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Thanks CrazyMoon.  I appreciate your input.  Ahhh... A short cook.  I like that!



After looking at the roast some more and feeling it out a bit, still in package, it appears to be the same cut of loin that those T-bone type chops come from.  It doesn't have a rib attached, and has a darker muscle attached.  (See 3rd pic)

I'm hoping that is the case.  I love the darker meat on the tenderloin side.  I always eat that first!  Tender and tasty!


I forgot to go get more yesterday.  Got caught up with lawn work, and such.  Will go later today, and hope they still have some good ones left.

You have to pick through them to find the good ones though, because they must have been cut by trainee.  Some are even and some are 2" on one side and 5" on other.  That would explain the sale, I guess.  LOL


Now another couple of questions for you all.


1.  Do roasts with bone in, cook faster or slower, than boneless?  I've read faster, on Google, but I never trust Google too much.


2.  Any reason not to do a reverse sear type cook with this?

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Well, I finally took them out of the freezer and did a reverse sear for them.


Coming out of the smoker to rest before searing under broiler.


After searing


Smoke ring.


I missed out on stocking up with these roast.  Got busy doing other chores for a couple of days, and went back to store on last day of sale and they were out.  Bummer!

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Well , We were all late . :icon_eek: But it seems you have answered your own questions .


That's a nice looking little Butt , good smoke ring and excellent plating .


Thanks for the look at your cook.


Have fun and  .

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