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just ordered

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today I ordered  a meat grinder , sausage casings , and sausage spices  so I guess late next week I am going to try to make my 1st smoked sausages ..wish me luck !!!

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Good luck! Do you already have a stuffer? What kind of grinder did you get? What's gonna be your first attempt?
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Remember to post some pics of your new toys when they arrive.

Happy smoken.


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i ordered  the grinder from harbor freight , I thought I would start with something cheap and upgrade after I have a bit of experience, I know most of you guys have a separate stuffer , but I'm on a budget , and will add that latter , as soon as I get everything I will post pictures 

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I'm in let the toys begin to show up :popcorn


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Cool, we will be watching !



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i haven't used my smoker for a while so I spent  a couple of hours scrubbing it today ...gotta keep it clean now

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