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MMmmm Tri-tip!

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Cold smoked a tri-tip with oak that was seasoned with Tatonka Dust for an hour and a half.

Then cooking indirect smoked the tri-tip and twice baked potato's with a chunk of hickory over the Vortex. (Our Golden Retriever Grissom likes hanging around the grill!)

When the internal temp of the tri-tip reached 100º placed it over the Vortex for a quick sear bringing its temp up to 125º and then let it rest...

The Vortex is a searing machine!

Twice baked potatoes just don't get much better than this!

What an excellent meal of fine dining!

Thanks for looking!
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Great looking Tri tip and taters!

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Looks great. 


I have my wife out to get a tip for this weekend.

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Wow, that looks amazing. Meat cooked perfectly and beautiful color on the taters! I'm sure it was delicious. Thanks for posting, David.
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Looks great!
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