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Disconnect the controller and see what happens.  Set the top vent full open and set the lover vents about 1/8th open.  You should stabilize about 250-260 with a dry water pan.  If it stabilizes, your blower is causing the temp swings.

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So after 5 hours it calmed down and worked great... Auber had me change my P value from 1.2 down to 0.07 and that seemed to do the trick. Since my WSM is new I'm going to cook a 5.5lbs Pork Butt tomorrow.
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One thing you all need to try is to ditch your charcoal chimneys and start using a torch to light your WSM's. It is the most efficient method to get even temps and TBS rapidly.

Here's how it goes. Fill your charcoal basket up however full you need it. Typically I go completely full in my mini-WSM's as I know I can shut all vents and snuff the fire. My 18.5 still leaks too much so there's no shouting it down it will keep burning. But for a long cook like a butt I will fill the basket completely full.

2. Open all vents. Insert lit propane torch into one of the lower vents and allow it to run. What u your temps.when you get 30-40 degrees above your target temp remove the torch. The temps will drop. If the temp drops below where you want to be repeat. Or for those that have the artificial air feeders turn that on and set your temp.

I have the body and lid temps bed for clarity in the photo. When torching to light you want the body and lid on the base.

Using this method gets you up to temp steadily and quick. And you also gain additional cook time because you aren't adding partially spent fuel into the mix.
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Well I made pulled pork, Auber was doing great after 3-5 hour mark.
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