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Need training

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Hello again,
Thank you so much for the feedback on my first posts.
I am in need of some education on offset smokers. I got a Brinkmann Trailmaster LE and may have messed up. I was so excited to use it I didn't think to season it. I only used it once, is it too late?
I tried a tri tip and it came out pretty bad, chewy and tough.
It is so easy on my electric smoker. Are there any classes or educators that I can learn from? I searched you tube but I'm not getting enough info.
Please help.
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Seasoning is basically to burn off the preservation oils left over from manufacturing.  You basically seasoned it with a tri tip in it. 


If the tri tip was chewy and tough chances are real good you smoked (cooked) it to too high an internal temperature.  125-135F IT is plenty for a tri tip. 


Check out YouTube to see how folks are using their Brink TM LEs.  There are a lot of videos.  Learning to control the chamber temp, plus mods, will have you smoking great meat on that thing in no time flat. 

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I have done tri tip in my electric smoker brining the internal temp to 135-140 and they have come out amazing. What gets me on the offset is that the temp of the tri tip was 125 and it had been on for 6 hours. Granted the cooking temperature was all over the place. My electric only takes 2-2 1/2 to get to that temp. I guess I just need keep at it.
Thank you for your reply.
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Where can I get a good seal kit for my Brinkmann Tail master LE??
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There's a place called BBQ Gaskets.  They are on Amazon and you can order from them direct online.  On Amazon just do a search for BBQ Gaskets and they pop up.  They sell both the Nomex felt and the high temp silicone sealant.   

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I actually found a few places on line that sell kits.
Thank you you input, it is greatly appreciated.
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