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Bacon Candy

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I'm in trouble. I'm left alone for the rest of the day with this stuff. :drool  I just used the recipe from (with just leftover rub from earlier this week) Making ribs my dads way tomorrow and trying to figure out what I should make next. Opinions? 


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I can take that off your hands for ya if you don't want to be left alone with the stuff :drool

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How bout a reverse sear steak !
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That bacon candy looks awesome by the way, very nice ! icon14.gif
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I would just eat more bacon candy!drool.gif I knew I shouldn't have looked at this thread way to tempting!
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Thanks. :) I think I'll crumble some up later on top of plan ol' chocolate ice cream. :D



That reverse sear looks pretty good on tri tip! Next on the list after ribs! 

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You'll really like the Tri Tip reverse seared, makes some tasty meals.... I really like Philly Cheesesteaks with it... If we can be of any help with anything, just ask !
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Oh my, that looks so good! I guess that's on my list now!

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