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My first build.

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She needs a bit more work to finish her off but she's ready for cooking.
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The work can wait. Once it's ready to cook you have to fire it up!
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Already done buddy. She works just fine.
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Hello Rob.  MAN! I like it!  What a great idea.  What sort of heat inlets do you have or is there no bottom at all in the barrel?  Keep Smokin!


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Howdy Danny.
I cut a six inch hole in the bottom of the drum and suspended a metal drip tray two inches above the opening.
Thanks mate.
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OK Rob.  Want details and pictures of that first smoke!!  Might need to tweak a thing or two but sounds like it should work pretty well.  You should be on to a winner.  Keep Smokin!


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I'm doing my first big smoke up this coming Saturday for my wife's birthday. I'm doing a 6 pound pork butt and several babybacks. I will post up pics ASAP.
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Getting fired up for her first big smoke.
Here goes nothing lol.
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