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The 'Scrap' build. - Page 2

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Me like! :77:

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Interesting,   be waiting to see how it works.  Might be the next big improvement ???



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This is awesome

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Had to take a few weeks off due to a death in the family but now I'm back at it.
Cut a hole in the RF plate on the CNC because getting stainless laser work done takes an act of congress right now.

Got the RF plate in and the Draft plate in but not fully welded. I'll do that after I cut the door and before I cap this end.

Capped off the fire box end

I placed a level on the RF plate to make sure it is parallel to the ground then I scribed a line 12" up. I cut two 19" pieces of 1x.120 hot rolled flat bar and rolled them to match the CC then I cut two more pieces 44". I scribed some lines then tacked the pieces in place, this would serve as a guide for the plasma torch and be used later on the inside of the CC as door seals.

The cut came out nice and clean, I had to persuade the door a bit with a dead blow because of some slag but nothing too rough.

That's as far as I got today. The weather cleared up and I'm itching to rip some gears in the new car so I bailed out.

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Looking real good.

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SUBSCRIBED. Nice "scrap", nice tools, nice shop & nice job!

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Oh man long time no see guys. Got sidetracked big time and had to put the build on hold for a while but I got back to it a few weeks ago. I'll do my best to get things updated here.

Fully welded the RF plate, flow director, and both end caps. Got the hood sills in also.

Moved the project to more secluded area and got started on the racks. I leveled the RF plate then began cutting 1.25x1.25 x.120 angle. Bottom rack is 42x23 top rack 42x19

Next up was the racks themselves. 1x1x.120 stainless angle. 5/16 stainless round stock and .060 stainless expanded sheet.

Next up is hinges and more stainless steel construction here. 3/8 pin hinge I oriented them so the hood is removable if needed.

Made these tabs as a hood stop but they're getting cut off in favor of a piece of round stock welded to the hinge as a stop.

Upper rack is in and the hood fits nicely.

4.00 OD x .120 wall tube for the stack with a pie cut to get a 90 degree turn. This is where the cook chamber build moves to my home shop to finish up as it won't fit in the back of my truck w/canopy with the stack welded on

Up next it the fire box. Looks like I'm going to break down and buy some fire brick to line the box so I can use thinner wall material. Stay tuned!
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Other than fire brick, think about insulating the outside and wrapping with thin sheet like 28 gauge... You can wrap it all except for the door.... that will do a lot to keep the heat in... more so than firebrick....
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What kind of insulation?
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Fiberglass, stone/ceramic mineral wool, vermiculite... something with a high temp. tolerance

Insulation Material Temperature Range
High (oF)

Calcium Silicate 1200
Cellular Glass 900
Elastomeric foam 250
Fiberglass 1000
Mineral Wool, Ceramic fiber 2200
Mineral Wool, Glass 480
Mineral Wool, Stone 1400
Phenolic foam 300
Polyisocyanurate or polyiso 300
Polystyrene 165
Polyurethane 250
Vermiculite 1400
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Thank you sir. I'm looking at roxol and also ceramic wool they use for forges.
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Finally finished her up! Threw a 20lb charcoal bag in there for the first burn to get it real hot. Then thus morning I went out to my secret spot and cutup some white oak off a downed tree. Gonna buy a rack of ribs and test it out today then tomorrow it's on for the 4th!

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