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MES 40 Bluetooth Mods?

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Got the MES Gen 2.5 w/Bluetooth.  Been doing some research on extending range of the bluetooth.  I know standard is 30 feet.  Some folks get 90 line of sight.  I am about 40 thru glass indoors.


Read where a mod was made to a BT dongle to get 1/4 mile!  Using high-gain 2.4 ghz antenna.  anyone take apart MES yet and attach a better antenna?  if so, probably will void 90 day warranty, will it void fair trade square trade 3 year warranty?


I'm tempted.  Would like to have better range.....otherwise, seems like temp and temp probes are pretty good and accurate.

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That unit is probably to new for people to have started tinkering with them.


The problem with bluetooth is that it is a weak signal that is easily overpowered by other signals like wifi.


I get by just fine with my Maverick thermo and it has a great range so I will not be changing to bluetooth any time soon.

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You get long range bluetooth extenders/repeaters, but they are like $50.  That should work without modding.

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Just picked up this bluetooth smoker yesterday.  Bluetooth range is very bad for me.  Wish they had gone with WiFi instead.  You'd have much better range and possibly even the option to monitor while away from home.  I may take a look at the circuit board.  If space allows, you could probably solder on a longer bluetooth antenna to extend the range.

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