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First Brisket Atempt

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I got a nice brisket from the butcher yesterday and have it sitting in the fridge with a mustard and rub coating wrapped in plastic wrap.


I also defrosted some wild boar chops from last year's hunt with a mustard and rub coating; but a different rub than the brisket.


I'm firing up the WSM tomorrow morning and will be using some applewood chunks, apple cider in the wet pan and a cider spray every hour.


I'm going to put the brisket in once I get the temp up to 220/230.  I plan to wrap it in foil once I get an internal of 165/170 and then bring it up to 190.  Then wrap in towel and in cooler for at least half hour.


The boar chops will go in for about 2-2.5 hours and also basted with the apple cider to an internal of 160.


If anyone has some additional input I would appreciate it.


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If your using a water pan I would just use water. Cook until the brisket is probe tender not to a certain IT. I don't spray stuff but if it works for you go for it,I bought a WSM to let it cook I'm to lazy to spritz or mop.biggrin.gif I would let it rest more like an hour. Just allow plenty of time and you'll be golden! Good luck looking forward to your pics!
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I agree with B-One tooth pick test for tenderness, and if ya keep opening the lid your not cooking.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Why water instead of the apple?

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Originally Posted by Roscoe 2 View Post

Thanks for the feedback.  Why water instead of the apple?


Because you really don't get any added flavor with apple juice or any other kind of liquid in your water pan, it's just wasting money.   Spritzing with AJ is a different story as the flavor will transfer a bit.

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Cook to 190 IT and then use the toothpick test to see if it is done. It might take longer, or not.



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Thanks everyone.  It's in the smoker now.  Temp stable at 235-237.  Will leave covered for a total of about 3-4 hours before I uncover and spray.  Also insert the probe at that time.



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Here's the WSM in action



The brisket just prior to placing in the WSM.  Coated with honey mustard and A-1 Garlic and Herb rub



This is at 2pm for the first baste with apple cider. 



This is the 3:10 mark for another baste and then foil wrap.  Internal is 169.



At around 190 or so internal I'll check for tenderness.  If done I'll wrap in towels and place in a cooler.  Have some boar chops ready to go but they will only take about 2 hours.



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Good job so far , be sure to post the finish shots .


Have fun and ...

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Looking good,did you use regular A-1 or do they make a rub? I was thinking about A-1 on a brisket sometime.
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B-one...I went to my local supermarket for some rub and noticed that A-1 has a line of rubs and I picked the Garlic and Herb one.  That rub and some honey mustard made up the coating.


OK, here's the final

Left it in the cooler for about an hour.  Maybe should have left it a bit longer because there was quite a bit of juice in there but the meat was tender and flavorful.




Here's the boar chops, before and after,  that came out the most tender I've ever done them.





I want to thank everyone who lent a hand.



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Looks good! I'll check there stuff out next time I'm in the store!
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Nice Job,   Looks great



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