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first tri tip

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Hey guys im gonna try to smoke a tri tip for the first time never had one or smoked one.im smoking it for the wife im home from work and she's at work so I would like to have her a nice dinner for when she gets home from work ive looked on here about how to smoke one so I hope it works out any tips would be greatly appreciated pic of the tri tip its still alittle frozen
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The general consensus with tri tip is to make sure you don't over smoke it. There is not much fat in it so if you take it too far it will dry out. I smoke mine to around 130 then wrap it in foil and let it rest for 20-30 minutes. If you want it a little less pink than you can go to 140 but that would be the absolute highest I would go.


I like tri tip sliced very thin and served with horseradish. You can't beat it.


Good luck.

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We like are steaks med rare so thats what im shooting for thanks bmaddox
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Try and keep your temps low too so it gets to spend some time in the smoke. 180-200 should work great (250 cooks them a little too fast).

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Its only alittle over 2lbs and i know every peice of meat is different but at 200 How long you think it will take to get to 135 iT
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Man that is hard to guess. Anywhere for 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

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I think ill start with lower heat and if I have to I'll kick it up higher so it will be done by the time she gets in from work
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Dale, not sure what type of smoker you are using, but smoking in the 225 - 250 F should only take about 1 1/2 hours. I usually do my tri tip to 130 - 135 IT then do a reverse sear on a hot grill, about 3 minute per side. Foil, let rest then slice for some tastey goodness!
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Look up reverse sear. A lot of us use this method. I don't know what type of smoker you have so I can't give you good instructions but if you like it med rare you might want to pull it at 120 and then reverse sear and rest. You will notice the grain of the meat runs a couple of different directions. Note the grain before you can't see it anymore so you can be slicing across the grain from each point. It really makes a big difference.

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well I smoked and ate my first-ever tri tip and I am hooked it wa great I smoked it to 225 IT and then I threw it on the grill to sear it on each side for about 3 to 4
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i took it off the grill and wrapped it for about 40 minutes check the juice out
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its nice and tender sliced really smooth
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I made some roasted garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus with some red lobster biscuits it was all so good i cooked this for the wife and she absolutely loved it
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You did a great job!! Looks awesome!!
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Looks great! How much is Tri tip in your area? I have to pay $9.99# I hear it used to be cheaper back in the day.
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I got it at Sam's and if I remember right it was $8.99 lb first time I have ever smoked or ate one and I will be back at Sam's getting a couple more
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Thanks appwsmsmk1
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I hope you meant 125* IT! Looks really good, guess you scored points with the wife. Definitely my favorite meat to smoke.
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Originally Posted by b-one View Post

Looks great! How much is Tri tip in your area? I have to pay $9.99# I hear it used to be cheaper back in the day.

I got one last week for 6.99#, today 9.99# at the same place.  The tri-tip was great but $25.00 for a small roast is too steep.  They had butts for 1.29#, that's my weekend smoke.

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Good Job on your first one! Glad it worked out.

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