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Been on a Roll with Pulled Pork and a Question on Re-heating.

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Recently, our local supermarket had pork butts for a buck a pound. I grabbed 3 and smoked them and packaged them in one pound vacuumed and sealed plastic bags and placed them in the freezer and gave away a few pounds to neighbors and DD and SIL. Next time I was in the store, they were sill on sale so I got 2 more and did the same routine. Last Thursday, the butts had gone to $1.50 a pound but I bought another one and smoked it Friday night and Saturday on my 22.5" Weber kettle. I had run out of Kingsford blue bag briquettes (hurry Memorial Day sales please) and tried a bag of mesquite flavored briquettes from the supermarket that I had on hand. To my surprise, these things burned at 3 times the rate of the Kingsford; so I was awakened at oh-dark-thirty with the Maverick ET-733 alarm going and telling me the barbecue temp had dropped. I got up and checked and found the charcoal gone, so I transferred to a roasting pan and put it in the kitchen oven to finish. IT was at 145° F when I took it off the Weber. It took about 7 more hours for the IT to reach 200°. I took it out, wrapped it in aluminum foil then wrapped it in a beach towel. I let it wait overnight before pulling it (with the bear claws that came with the new ET-733). It came out perfectly done all the way through and almost all of the fat rendered away.

I plan to take this along with some barbecued beans in a Crock Pot, slaw and bread to some friends who run an auto/truck repair company for lunch tomorrow; so I didn't do anything but leave the pork in the pan, wrap it with fresh AF to seal it and put in the reefer. My question is, "How should I reheat it before serving?" My first instinct is to put it back in the oven at about 225° until it feels warm enough then wrap it the beach towel for transport. Anything wrong with this plan? Is there a better one you can suggest?

Would really appreciate your advice.
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I just saw this post and it is almost two days old.  A bit late for any help. 


When I take pulled pork to work pot lucks here's what I do.

1.  I pour the juices out of my wrappings into a bowl, cover it and stick it in the refrigerator when cool. 

2.  I pull the pork, let it cool, and put it in one or more 1 gallon Ziplock bags that I stick in the refrigerator overnight.

3.  The next morning I scrap the fat off the juices in the bowl and discard the fat.  The juices have now turned to gelatin.  I add the gelatin to the Ziplock bag(s) of pork.

4.  At work I only have access to a hot plate.  I take a big pot, add the pork and gelatin, cover it and reheat it that way, stirring occasionally.  Only takes about 30 minutes to come up to temp. 

5.  I always take plastic bottles of Chef JJ's finishing sauce.  I see people put a little on a piece of pork, taste it, then go "wow" and add it to the pulled pork sandwich.   

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I do mine in a crock pot.  

After I pour off and save the juice, I'll let it sit to cool down and then pull.

Depending on how soon we'll eat, I'll put it in a ziploc or straight into the crock pot.

Once the juice and fat separate and solidify, I discard the fat and add the gelatin back into the crock pot.  

Low for a few hours works nicely.

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As a follow up, I pulled the pork butt after it had cooled to a warm temp and put it in a roasting pan. I covered it with 2 layers of aluminum foil and put it in the reefer overnight. When I was prepping, I put the roasting pan in the kitchen over on its lowest temp setting (170° IIRC) and let it warm while I prepared my homemade Carolina vinegar based sauce. I checked to be sure that it was plenty warm, resealed the AF, then wrapped the whole in a beach towel to hold in the heat.

I took store-bought cole slaw, a large Crock-Pot of baked beans, rolls and chips. Got nothing but thanks and kudos from the crew.
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Great , similar to how I do them (if I haven't frozen them in portioned and sealed bags) and heat in my Oven until it reaches 145*F , wrap in towels and in a


cooler if I take it somewhere .


Have fun and ,

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