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Spare Ribs- Trimmed St Louis Style... I think... with QView

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The local market had spare ribs on sale for $1.79/ lb this week, so I thought I'd try my hand at trimming them St. Louis style.


Before Friday the only thing I knew about ribs was that they were delicious.   With the help of a few threads here, I was able to come up with a plan and execute.


I guess I didn't get a photo of the slab fresh out of the Cryovac, but here is a trimmed photo. I found the largest bone and made a square cut from there.  Then I trimmed the skirt and got as much of the silver skin as I could,




All rubbed and wrapped for an over night rest.  I used the "Best Odds" pork rub.  I have to say, for as simple as this rub is, it hasn't let me down so far.



I put the ribs on at about noon, as I figured I'd cook them 5 hours in the smoker at 225.  I have an analog MES30 so temps as read by my taylor thermometer range between 215 and 230 when I have it set correctly. I should add that this was also the first time I used my AMPS instead of the chip bowl in my MES30.  I loaded 2 rows of Pitmaster's Choice pellets and got it rolling. I was very impressed with the TBS it produced! No wonder you guys all use this product!  I got the smoker settled in around 230 and put the meat and beans in.


3 hours in,



Here's a close up of the ribs at 5 hours. I took the riblets and skirt out at 4 hours and diced them and mixed them in with the beans. 



I am very very happy with the way these ribs turned out.  They were moist and juicy and had a nice bite to them.  




Thanks for looking!



 Can't wait to smoke the second slab in the near future.

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Looks like a great st louis cut and the ribs are making me drool:drool:

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Nice job! I'm gonna have to make beans like that next time I do ribs drool.gif
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Nice job on them ribbies ! icon14.gif
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Very nice looking Ribs  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up      points1.png




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Man, those ribs look great! Good job.
- Ryan
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Wish I had a few to chew on. !!!!




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Delicious lookin ribs...nicely done! icon14.gif

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Thanks Guys! and thanks for the points!

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