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Trish and I were just talking about doing Pastrami . We stopped at Schlotski's (sp) , sandwitch shop and got a Ruben which started the conversation , so Maybe I can do some Pastrami this week .


Yours looks Marvelous :drool

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Sliced and taste the pastrami.


The thinner ends of the flat are well done but overall i'm happy with it. Taste great




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Looks great! 

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Very Nice Job   Looks Great



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Nicely done, Nepas. I made some awhile ago and just discovered I only have one package left. Time to make some more.

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nice rick.........Thumbs Up



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I have got to do one, Great job again  points1.png



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Thanks y'all


Next time i'm going to do a regular flat packer so i can add some salt and crushed juniper berrys

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Sweet! I'm doing mine tomorrow! Food of the Gods...

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