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MES to gas conversion

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Well I just wanted to smoke some chicken breast for dinner tonight and my MES quit shortly after I put them in. I am fairly certain it is the heating element connection as I probably have been living on borrowed time with it. Since I need to take it apart to repair I am thinking maybe switching to natural gas. I have a control and igniter from a natural gas water heater. I would like to hook that up to the electronics of my MES to fire the burner on and off as heat is needed. Anybody have an experience with doing this or does everyone just light the burner and adjust a manual valve?

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Gas burners need air and the entire smoker should be properly designed to match the burner capacity and required air flow.....

I would fix the element.... check the connections on the element... clean them and solder the wires... It's a good bet the connectors are corroded..
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Dave is spot on. There are plenty of threads and youtube videos on how to replace the element and it seems to be a fairly easy project.

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