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Jeff's bacon wrapped chicken chunks

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Going Salmon fishing again tomorrow and needed something to feed the crew. Recently got Jeff's recipe and thought, hell, why not? Got some chick thighs, cut them up into smaller pieces. Covered with olive oil and then Jeff's rub over night. This morning, wrapped them chunks with some bacon and into the smoker they went at 250* for 90 minutes. Then mopped the pieces with Jeff BBQ sauce. Back into the smoker for another 30+ minutes until we reached an IT of 165*.

Instead of skewering them, I thought individual tooth picking them would be better to help ensure smoke got all over each piece as well as the mop.

I ended up with more chicken than bacon, so I simply skewered the remaining chicken pieces together onto long skewers. They'll make wonderful salad topping.

Jeff, Thanks for the recipe.







What I really like was the last minute of placing a perforated foil pan at the bottom to allow the smoke to come up but to also catch all the grease mainly from the bacon. It really saved the bottom of the smoker from a cleaning point of view.


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Looks great! Someone did bacon wrapped tenders didn't see any pics but sounded awesome as well!
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Ps, that's some good looking bacon did you make it?
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Nope, didn't make the bacon.  Found at a local Raley's market.  Bought and froze a whole bunch for situations just like this.  Oh yeah!

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Very nice Craig, looks real tasty ! icon14.gif
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Wow. That looks great. Now another thing on my todo list. Bet they are awesome. Good job

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Looks great Craig! Boat crews gonna love em!
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