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First vertical RF build

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Hello all. Building my first smoker. Could use some advise from you experienced builders. Gonna be. 54 1/2" tall. 32" wide. 28" deep overall chamber. 60" tall with legs. Frame is 2" sq tube 11ga. Gonna insulate with 2000 degree including doors. Plan on the heat and smoke come up the sidewalls. Exhaust at center/back just above water line. Gonna leave 2" gap for false wall the entire depth on both sides and 4" short of the ceiling. Gonna line the fire box with 1/4". Skin the rest with 11ga. Am I on the right track with the false wall setup? Sorry for the long post
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The smoke/heat channels must be insulated on the outside... Build the channels on the inside of the insulated smoker....
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Yup. That's what I'm going to do. 2" insulation in frame you see. Skinned
Inside and out with 11 ga. Except firebox. Getting 1/4". Looking for advise
On spacing of false wall to insulated wall and what to leave at the top. Thinking
2" between walls and 4" short of top. The entire depth approx 24" deep. And on both
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These are some drawings I put together for my planned vertical RF build.... haven't got started on it yet... still thinking...

... ... ... ...
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Looks cool Dave. I hear ya. I built mine on paper and in my head like 100 times. Ha ha.
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