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Side handles....

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What are you fine folks using for handles on the sides of your UDS's? I have a handle one the lid but haven't figured out anything for the sides as of yet....Thanks in advance for any help provided....

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I just used some elcheapo ones from Home Depot. I drilled out the holes a little bigger and used better hardware.

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Originally Posted by ufboostedgator View Post

I just used some elcheapo ones from Home Depot. I drilled out the holes a little bigger and used better hardware.

Do those handles get hot during use?

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Nope, not at all. Well, at least they don't when the smoker is running 225-235*

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Honestly you could just put another side table on the other side. I have used that for the handle since I built it. I just need to find another scrap of plywood for the other side. I screwed it on with grabber screws and it is as tight as when I put it there 100 plus smokes ago. I wouldn't mind having a little more table space on mine.

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Timperjet: How do you have the shelf attached? I was looking to do something similar myself but the only way I have really seen to put it on there is a big 90* bracket. Would also probably need 2 so it is stable. I have been trying to source an old burnt out charcoal grill with the 2 side tables and wheels. The smoker should plop down right in the middle. If not I have enough tools and such at my disposal that it won't be an issue. Worst case scenario I will find some scrap metal and weld up something nifty I just don't want it to be too heavy to move around/put in my truck bed.

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I just used 6 wood screws maybe 1 3/4 through the drum. I don't know if I would stand on it or anything but it is fine for what I use it for. And I can lift the whole shebang with one hand on the rim and one on the drum lip and no moving or anything. I did pre drill the holes and use a little gorilla glue just to make sure. Going strong for 3 plus years of hard use.

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I don't see why you couldn't just use a shelf bracket if you wanted a big side table but I use a tall fold up table next to mine to set meat on and stuff so my shelve is just used for little stuff. Next one I build will have a full table built on it kind of like my performer has.

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May just pick up some angle iron/expanded metal and build a pair of shelves....
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