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Reverse sear ribeye on the mini.

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Got a decent deal on a bone in ribeye yesterday. Went to get a semi boneless leg of lamb, but they'd sold out. Oh well.
Put it on the mini at 235° over lump and pecan for a little over an hour until it hit 120°. This was my first mistake. I should have let it go 'till it hit 128°. It was just a little rare for me, but the wife loved it.
Here it is a little while before I took it off the smoker.

We brought it in and gave it a half hour rest. While it was resting, we made the side dish. Deep fried Brussels sprouts with fried shallots, tossed in a honey lime vinaigrette.

HO-LEE-COW!! These were the hit of the meal for me. They get all crunchy and caramelized, and the dressing brightens them up just a little bit. Really, really good.

The meat wasn't bad either. The smoke flavor was just right, and even though it was a little more rare then I like, it was tender and quite tasty.
Before searing in a 500° cast iron pan over a pat of butter.

After searing. Looks weird because I accidentally turned the flash on, but it had a nice crust.

And can't forget the Bear view.
It was a pretty nice Easter Dinner. Beef was seasoned only with salt and pepper.
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Very nice meal Md, dang.... Now I'm hungry again, great smoke ! icon14.gif
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Good job! Score one for you an one for the mini! I'm like you, I'd rather have it just a hair more done. My wife likes her's so rare it still has a pulse. The side looks good too.
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Thanks guys! It was a nice meal and nice to spend some time outside smoking it. First run this year for the mini I believe.
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That looks perfect to me!

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Thank you WR!
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I don't have any pics of the prep of the fried Brussels, but I wanted to share the recipe and the process because everyone needs to experience these at least once. I first had them at the Crab Trap restaurant on Saint Simons Island, GA. Pretty much fell in love instantly. There they were very simple, just fried and seasoned with salt and pepper. I then had them at a restaurant here in DC, and they had a little lime juice and fried onions as well. I went a step further and made the vinaigrette and fried shallots, as I'd seen several variations in different recipes.
For the sprouts, just rinse, cut the end of the stem off and cut in half. Even the tiny ones. The cut side will caramelize much better than the outer leaves. Make sure you dry them as much as possible and fry in 375° oil for 5-6 minutes. BE CAREFUL! These things have a high water content and the oil will bubble up violently, so take the necessary precautions!! Blot on paper towels after frying to remove as much oil as possible. While they're still hot season liberally with salt and pepper.
Slice the shallots in thin rings and strips and fry until brown and crispy. Mix with the fried sprouts in a bowl.
For the dressing I just used the juice of 2 limes, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Shook it up in a jar and then poured over the sprouts. Toss it all together and you have something that will knock the socks off even the most ardent vegetable hater.
No, it's not the most healty thing you'll ever eat, but once or twice a year you just gotta enjoy yourself.
They'd be good with just about any sauce or seasoning. A little bbq rub and some chopped bacon would be nice too. Or some crumbled Bleu cheese, walnuts and a honey mustard dressing. Just try them and be creative.
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The beef and the side dish both look amazing...very nicely done! icon14.gif

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Red!
Quick question if anyone happens to know. How long can you keep used fry oil? I used about a quart of canola oil to fry the brussels and after it cooled, I strained it and put it back in the bottle. We only deep fry once or twice a year, but it seems silly to throw the oil away. If I keep it in the fridge will it last 6 months to a year? The max temp it hit was about 385°.
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Looks good MD!

As for the oil, I find it's cheap enough to just recycle and use new. Especially if you fried onions in it. Everything else you fry will get onion flavoring.

The Brussel sprouts sound great and we will be giving them a try!
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Thanks case! I guess it is silly to worry about $2.49 worth of oil. Just hated to chuck it. Maybe I'll just fry up some more sprouts this week so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth.
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Great meal Md. Ya done good!

I just put brussel sprouts and shallots on my grocery list.

Just for grins, try putting a few slices of peeled potato in that strained oil. I don't know where I saw this tip (it was many years ago). It is supposed to draw out flavors left in the oil. I don't remember if I ever tried it back in the days when fried food was not banned, but I do recall that we saved and reused frying oil.

If you try it, let us know how it turns out.
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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post

Thanks case! I guess it is silly to worry about $2.49 worth of oil. Just hated to chuck it. Maybe I'll just fry up some more sprouts this week so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth.

You could turn it into biodiesel fairly easily using the dr. Pepper bottle method. We've done this a few times for school science experiments.
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My wife never liked onions. Once day I carmalized some shallots and she's been hooked ever since. So we will definitely be trying this.

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MD sorry for being late,I missed a lot of Easter Post Boiler problems, Now that meal looks great I will have to try the deep fried sprouts. Thanks for sharing.



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Meat looks great! And I would almost eat those brussel sprouts I would try them at least.
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Thanks guys!! As for the sprouts, the beauty is that the flavor and texture totally transforms into something completely unlike what we all think of as a Brussels sprout. As a kid, they made me nauseous. As I got older I started to like them ok, as I was cooking them in a way that didn't lead to those mushy little egg fart smelling gray lumps of yuck. Then I discovered frying them and i was blown away.
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Great Looking Ribeye, Bum!!!:drool----------------------:points:


I'd be all over that !!:drool


Nice Job!Thumbs Up



Fried Food Banned????--------Not at My House!!!




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Thanks Bear!!
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Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and for the points! I'd normally try to thank everyone personally but don't have access to a computer right now and its a bit cumbersome on the phone.
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