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FB location

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Learned a ton reading threads here. Saved my arse on this first build. My question is regarding my plan tto put the fire box under the tank as shown. Is this a bad idea?
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Here are some pics of the build. Firebox will be under tank.


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I think the top of the firebox will be a giant hotspot.

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I was thinking the same thing.

If your committed to the idea maybe only make a large enough cut out on the far left bottom of the tank for airflow so the tank will act as a baffle plate.
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If you have rectangular cut out on the bottom of the tank where the firebox is recessed up into, and add a flat top on the fire box , that should work.

 The flat top on the firebox would prevent direct impingement of the heat onto the reverse flow plate.


You would not have the sides of the FB following the coutour of the tank: it should be totally enclosed with an opening only on the right side. Pretty much as your drawing shows.

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Progress pic. Fire box is in with a heat shield plate below rf plate( no pics of that). Wheels are on, just need the door and racks now.
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Looking good. Like the compact layout.
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That was my goal, want it to fit in the garage and be easy to move around. Hopefully the heat shield plate below the RF plate will help control the heat. My legs will never be cold!
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Put a shelf on the front and that will keep your legs away from the FB. nana2.gif


(been dying to use the dancing banana)

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Almost ready for her christening! Just gotta add a couple destaco clamps to draw the lid tight. Can't wait
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