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Thanks Ryan


I can't wait to do my first cook on it.  

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Awesome thread! From one rotor head to another, well done!!!

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Thanks 64Driver I was a 53 guy now i work for company X over in Afghan. 

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Did my first cook last week some St.Louis style ribs. Here are before and after picctures. Had them on for 5 hours pecan, apple, cherry wood mix used a water pan and sprayed down every hours with apple juice. They fell off the bone may have put the rub on to heavy. the rub is from meathead his Memphis dust nest time I am not going to use the water pan but for my first cook the smoker held temp great so I was happy.  I'm doing a brisket right now its one from sal mart I got on sale for 22 buck figured this will be good to practice on.  




Here is the brisket central Texas style salt and black peper. Ate at Aaron Franklins when I was at Fort Hood visiting my kids and loved it. So Im going to try it. Not his quality of brisket but i figure this will be good to practice on. Bottom picture is after 5 hours I'm using live oak we have tons of it here in Melbourne, FL. 



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Great smoker build. I love watching you guys that are talented enough to do these things. I have plenty of tools but lack the talent. I would love to do my own someday, whether it be a metal one like yours or a brick smoker that I have seen on here.


Great job!!!

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Looking Good !!!



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Thanks Thomas and Gary


Here it is the finished. It came out pretty good. I know what everyone is talking about with the stall it hit 170 and took almost another hour before it started climbing again pulled it at 195 wrapped it up and let it sit for about 45 minutes coulded wait any longer. I'm happy with it will have no problem taking some in to work tomorrow and let the guys try.



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Beautiful Color, Looks tender and Juicy  Nice Job



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Thanks Gary,


 Still got a lot to learn but with this site and all the great people and info you can get here I know it will keep getting better.  

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Nice smoke ring. Looks amazingly good.

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