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thinking of a change

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Hey guys and gals how's it going today I hope better than here in Louisville, kentucky its been raining for 2 days and flooding now. im not sure where I should post my question but here I am. My question is im wanting to change or up grade my smoker but im not sure what to buy I would love to buy the lang 36" patio hybrid but wow 1700.00 dollars and the 500.00 for delivery so thats out.so can any one tell me whats the next best thing. the wife said our budget will let us spend around 800.00 on one thanks for any and all help
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Do u want a set it and forget it or do u like tending the fire.
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Yeah I'd rather tend the fire
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Have u checked out the old wrangler at bass pro.
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There's a place that sells the Lang 36 patio for 1500.it's not the hybrid though
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heck I would think you might have a local smoker builder there that could make you something like the lang without the shipping. Have you looked around for someone like that?

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No I haven't are they well built
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Yea there built out of heavy steel. You can look at bass pro.com and see them.
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I'm sorry but bass pro sells the horizon and academy sports sells the wrangler
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Here ya go.http://www.polecatcustoms.com/#!cookers/c1jo3

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Both smokers built heavy.
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Yeah I'll check them out real quick thanks icyhot for info
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Looks like you are not too far from paris ky. Might check them out. Looks like they do pretty good work. I know I would rather have custom built rather than mass produced.

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Never heard of one out that way who makes them
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There's a place in bardstown that has them. They go down to Georgia every year and pick up some and then sell them here.
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I'll have to check in on that I have family there might be a place called Barstow supply
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Might want to just stop in your local welding suppliers and ask if they know of any fabricators in your area.
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It's at one of the garden and nursary centers. But I can't think of the name.
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It's tlc landscaping and garden center.
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Ok I'll have to get to Bardstown next week and check it out so where in Kentucky are you from
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