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My First Build - Page 3

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Butcher, What a sweet looking hunk of steel. Those FB dampers are koooool and I really like the extra width on the wheels. For the ease of movement, it doesn't matter how big around they are, but that added width is great.
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Thanks Joe! i think it turned out pretty good. Hopefully I can light it up in the next week.

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Keep it up!
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Prop rod done. Now just chimney damper and door stops for the CC and FB. Hopefully get it licked tonight!

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Good looking work!

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I've pretty well got it complete now (minus paint). Hopefully I can season it this weekend and paint will follow.

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I was able to get it home and seasoned last weekend. Hoping to throw some ribs on this weekend and paint the exterior.

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Looks like you got her up to seasoning temps.

Love the pic of the hot coals through the air intakes.

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You bet. I actually got it up to 425 in the cook chamber for a good hour. Then ran it at about 250 for 4-5 more. the upper air intake seems to even out the temperature in the cook chamber quite a bit. I only noticed a 15-20 degrees different from side to side. when closed it was closer to a 50 degree difference, which seems normal for an offset without tuning plates (from what I've read). Hopefully I'll be throwing some pig on this weekend. I've got some seasoned plum wood I'm gonna try out.

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Butcher that is a pretty cool smoker. I'm still working on mine. Lots of good ideas here.
How does it cook? My design is close to yours.
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Thanks TXsmokedlk, it cooks really well. I've done a couple cooks in it now and I'm planning another for the later part of July. I've got to post some Qview pics.

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Q View...everyone loves some Q View!!! Especially this weekend.
Happy Birthday to our Great Nation.
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