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Baby backs

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I am a newbie and going to attempt my 1st set or baby backs on my ECB. Can I fit 3 racks on that thing? Any suggestions from some seasoned smokers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Tommy
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Yup you can. the rolled ones are full racks so you could easily get 6 in there.

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Most of us do Baby backs in the 2-2-1 method. That is 2 hours in the smoker then foil with some juice or whatever you like for 2 hours then back on the smoker to firm up. The last hour might be a little less depending on how you like them. I like mine fall off the bone so I don't use that full hour. Test them toward the end with a toothpick for tenderness. When the toothpick slides in with little to no resistance you are done. Choice of seasoning is purely to your own taste but I love Jeff's rub on pork and poultry. It's pretty awesome stuff.

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I've found that I can fit two racks per grate, so if you use the upper and lower grates, you shouldn't need to roll them.  I've never tried rolling, though, so I shouldn't comment on that.  If you go flat and use two grates, I would suggest switching racks about an hour into the smoke, though.

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Thanks guys. I'm planning on using the Big Bald BBQ rub as I don't have Jeffs recipe, and the 3-2-1 or the 2-2-1 method. All I have on hand right now is some hickory wood. If I can get some apple in time I'll do a 50/50 ratio. Lots of great info here. I love it. Thanks again.
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