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I just bought this grill recently and did pretty good on smoking a pork butt. Today I am doing two chickens that I cut in half, had them in a brine over night, put a rub on them and put them on my smoker. I'm using chunk charcoal with hickory. I am having a hard time keeping the temperature where it should be, around 250 degrees, it is running just below 200. It could be I am not giving it time to react when I make an adjustment, right now both the chimney and the vent on the fire box are wide open and I am waiting to see if that will bring the temp up. 

On a separate question, will it take longer to smoke several chickens, pork butts, or whatever, than it would to smoke just one.

Need a little help


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Here's a bunch of info and mods for that 4 in 1. It's next or next to next on my list :)


That last page says "part 1" but there is no part 2...


Those reviews have been posted here many times right around spring/summer.


Looks like the newest model at Sam's Club has a larger infrared burner and it the box says it's thicker metal. I'd imagine the same leak tests apply.

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