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Cooking two Pork Butts

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I will be smoking 2 pork butts on my Weber smoker this weekend. I've never done two at a time before, just one. Does having food (like a pork butt) on each rack make the cook time longer? I want to make sure I plan well enough ahead. Thanks!!
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By what I have read it shouldn't be to different. I have done a couple of turkey breast at the sametime and it worked good, just leave space between them. 

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Nope, won't take longer per say.... Just each butt will hit a stall & some can take longer to push through the stall than others... I've had some butts stall as little as an hour & some that have taken a few hours to push through ! You can foil to help push through or bump the temp up... But I personally start early enough I just let it go & kick back with a couple cold ones ! Recently I've been smoking butts a day or two ahead of time & warm them up in the crock pot with a little apple juice !
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Good advice above



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I'm going to go against what has been posted only due to my own personal experience.  I done one butt and two butts more than a few times.  The physics of the matter says that two shouldn't take much more time than one but in my experience it does.  Anywhere from a couple of hours up to eight more hours.


I can't explain why on my own experiences but for some reason, at least for me, it does. 

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As long as you maintain a constant temp in your smoker it doesn't matter if it's one , two, three or four Butts. Now each butt is a little different and you will need to check the IT of each one. Just because one is ready doesn't mean they all are. I smoked a couple a while back and one took an hour longer to hit 205 º. They were almost identical in weight and looks, So the main thing is keep a constant temp and don't open the door or lid any more than you have to, you should be fine,



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Just want to say thanks for the info on this thread.  I was looking for the same information as the OP.  I have up to 6 butts that are being given to me to smoke for a charity lunch at work and I wasn't sure about cook time.  Either way I was going to go by temperature 

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