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“Beef Kielbasa”

Gary’s Very First Sausage

I would like to thank several people for making this successful and fun .

 C farmer for getting me enthused about sausage making, boykjo for the great seasoning

and bearcarver for all the pointers on making a better post    





I have finally jumped off into sausage making. This will be my first attempt. Decided to go with Kielbasa, My wife and I both like Hillshire Farms all beef Angus Kielbasa;  so here we go.


Joe (boykjo) was kind enough to send me some of his Kielbasa seasoning. So that is what I’m going with. The grocery store had 5# tubes of 80-20 Angus on sale, so Beef Kielbasa.


I took the five pounds of ground meat mixed it according to Joe’s directions and in the fridge to rest. Started soaking Hog Casings.


Sausage out of fridge and into the stuffer, loaded casings onto the tube. Wife cranking while I tried to get the right amount in the casings and keep the uniform. It wasn’t too hard turned out pretty uniform.


Back in the Fridge till tomorrow.


Fired up my smoker, temp at 100 °,

11:45 AM - Put Kielbasa on with no smoke for an Hour.

12:45 PM – Added a pecan chunk and a little more lump temp 110 °

1:45 PM – Added more lump bumped to 120 °

2:45 PM – More Lump bumped to 130 °

3:15 PM – A little more Lump bumped to 140 °

3:45 PM – Bumped to 150 °, I T of sausage was 131 °

4:15 PM – More lump, bumped to 170 °

5:15 PM – I T  at 160° and 154°, Pulled one and into an ice water bath, other still smoking.

5:45 PM – IT 161 ° Pulled and into an ice water bath.

Both stayed in IWB for about 20  min. pulled them both, patted dry, back on the racks and in the fridge.


Kielbasa stayed in the fridge overnight to bloom, I cut it into links ans vacuumed sealed





5 lbs. of 80-20 Angus Ground Beef seasoned and ready for the Fridge




Getting everything set up




After a day in the fridge ready to be stuffed






Hog Casings soaking and ready to go




Getting ready to start




Casing on tube , ready to go




Sorry no picture of the cranking, but here it is. Wife cranked while I tried keeping it uniform




Ready to go back in the fridge




Smoker at 100º ready for Kielbasa




Kielbasa on




After an hour kicked it up to 110º



Another hour and at 120º




Another hour and at 130º





I went 30 min then bumped to 140 º then another 30 min. and up to 150 º



Kielbasa at about 3 or so hours




Went to 160 º




And finally bumped it to 170 º - 175 º




Internal Temp was 160º



And into ice water bath




This one took about  30 min.longer went to 161 º IT



Both patted dry and ready to go back in the fridge



Cut into links and ready to be vacuum sealed



All Sealed up -------  One left for me !!!


Thanks for looking, This was a blast to do, Very very easy

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Wow! That looks delicious Gary! Great post too. Thanks for all the step by step photos and descriptions. Never tried it, but the more I see it, the more I want to! Thanks for a great thread, David.
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 My wife and I both like Hillshire Farms


If you liked that, OMG wait till you make a meal out of yours. I have only made my Kielbasi with pork but I would eat that.

Alls I can say is,great post with pics and :points:





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Wow...very nice for the first ever batch.....nice job. Like everything else, it get easier as you do more. I love making sausages.....sooooooo many to do ahead I don't think you could ever get bored. So, you'll have to give us the family opinions on yours vs Hillshire...although, I'm positive yours will be much better since you exactly what's in them......Willie

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Nice job Gary! I'm almost inspired to get my stuffer out and make me some, but I gotta trick the youngest son back home to turn the crank. I'll tell him that Grammy wants to see the baby (grandchild #7)!
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Nice looking Beef kielbasa Gary...... Glad I could help.........Looks like Texas style (All Beef) brought new meaning to kielbasa............. Nice Job on your first try...Thumbs Up





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Thank's guys  and thank you for the point tropics.



I like it better than the Hillshire Farms mainly because of the nice smoke flavor, Wife loved it



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Hi Gary!


Wow that's wild!


Impressive steps, and delivery!


Fun to see!


Happy weekend!!


Make it amazing!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Thank you Joe, for the nice comment and point,  Next batch will be pork that I grind myself



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Very nice looking sausages Gary!
I have been wanting to make my own also.
Any recommended grinders and stuffers?
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Nice sausage Gary...... Good job......

Joe's mix makes the best all beef kielbasa in my opinion..... REALLY good stuff......
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points1.png nice pictures and play by play
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Thank you nylan for the point and nice comment.  I bought my stuffer and grinder from Northern Tool  (both Kitchener brand)



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Thanks Dave, we both love beef Kielbasa, it is some good stuff



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Thanks Dutch,  We have 6 grandkids  3 boys and 3 girls



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Congrats on some great looking sausage Gary! I need to try some kielbasa one of these days. The color is beautiful!
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Looks great

I need to make another batch.
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Thanks Md and c farmer.  It taste great, lots better than store bought



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Awesome Looking Beef Kielbasa!!:drool:drool


Awesome Thread!!Thumbs Up------------------------------:points:


Fantastic Job, Gary!!!Thumbs Up


Love me some Beef Sausage!!:drool




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Thank you Bear, Only thing I should have done different is made 10 lbs instead of 5 lbs.    Thank you for the point too !!!



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