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Live-updates: setting up first smoker and smoking a pulled pork shoulder! - Page 6

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Originally Posted by ewanjackson View Post




Nono definitely not that....


A hob is like a stove top (where you put the pans) I guess you would say, but it is built in to the marble worktop. This would be a good picture to explain:

That makes a little more sense. lol. I nearly fell off my chair when I googled it and that was the first result. Hahahahaha......

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I went downstairs for a drink (Redbull sadly, as it is almost 1am here!) and i just could not combat the smell. Took a quick peak and it is looking glorious. This is what I imagine the first look at your child, straight after birth. That feeling of euphoria. Maybe its the nose speaking :P


Click on the image for the full glory. Will be shredding it in just under an hour.


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Now that's what I'm talking about! Way to go Ewan!

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Nice looking Pork, great job



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Nice looking butt! :xrocker:

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Looks great. Job well done
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Originally Posted by DukeBurger View Post

Nice looking butt! :xrocker:

I had not seen the headbanger gif on here. Is that from here? I love it.

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OK so the final progress shots. Turned out OK in my eyes for a first smoke.


Not too much of a noticeable smoke ring, but then I only let it sit in the rub for about an hour or so, due to the late decision to smoke today.


Was a bit pinker inside than I had expected, but tastes fine.



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Nice, Looks great



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You won't get much of a smoke ring with the short time you had it in the smoker. I think it looks really good and that pink looks to me like your smoke penetrated all the way through which is a really good thing. Did you by any chance use cherry wood? Your seasoning may have turned it that color as well. It was cooked way past any rareness so in my opinion that pink color is from enhancement at the processor or smoke penetration or something. Most pork is enhanced these days at the processor to add weight moisture and salt for home pork roasters so it does not dry out in the oven at the usual temps you would cook at in the house. Plus, you guys over there I hear get some heirloom pork from Germany and such that has some color to it. Don't be afraid of the pink. Most importantly, how did it taste?

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Ok looking more. You could have taken that to 205 or 210 and much more fat would have rendered out. I don't usually have much if any fat left in my butts when it's all said and done. I just have to say that you did great for your first time and learned a lot. Put that stuff on a bun and chow down!

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Originally Posted by timberjet View Post

I am no legend except for in my town. My cooking is pretty popular here. I just cooked for a 300 plus person wake the other day and I may have gained some noteriety with my smoked mac and cheese. All ten gallons of it gone in 15 minutes lol.... 

You can say what you wish about your legend status, but you have certainly earned the respect of everyone here. I really enjoyed watching you work with Ewan through his smoke-very informative and very impressive! Great interaction, a real pleasure to see, David.

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Great job Ewan, looks fantastic. Excellent work posting all the pics! This was a VERY successful Qview. Thanks for posting and keeping up with it over the long haul, David.


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Good first run on the WSM, it will get a lot easier now that you have one under your belt. It's all about learning how your smoker runs and getting used to trusting it to do its job.

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Thank you to all who helped. I used Apple wood for this smoke!

This stuff tastes amazing - just had a nice bun full for breakfast and oh man, this is the life for me...

Thank you all for all the advice. I really do appreciate all of it
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Ewan, a job well done from yet another person, me. You will be hard pressed to find a more helpful group than is on here. As you have now discovered, you're addicted now.

Smoke on partner, smoke on!
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Hi Ewan, good looking food!

Looks likes ou have slipped through the Radar. We have a ever growing UK based smokers on this forum. Drop by the UK Forum and introduce yourself.

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Take the paper (i use one sheet or two pages with the fold in the middle) and crumple into a paper ring put in chimney with an opening in the middle to let the air through.  Think of it as a paper dounut. 

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