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MES Brisket

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I still cant eat for another weeks. I thought this brisket was going to GA with my wife to our daughters but thats not happening now. Gotta get it going now anyways. Rubbed and ready towrap in the fridge over night.


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It should be good! It is hard to beat a good brisket.

Happy smoken.


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Damn Rick that has too be tough to smoke a brisket and not be able to at least nosh on it! Hang in there.

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You have way more self control than me. Good luck!
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Brisky looks great Rick ! Hope your doing better ! icon14.gificon14.gif
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Nice, keep us posted



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Thanks y'all


With a large group of MES users here ya got me covered.


Put the brisky in this morning.




Here is our MH, 2014 3 slide. Next one i get to pick and its going to be a Tiffin diesel, 4 slide. If your in the area around FT Peirce or PSL stop on by.

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Nice and Real nice



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Brisket coming along good.


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Looking Real Good from My House, Rick!!!:drool




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Looks great!!🍻
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MES did a pretty good job on the brisket, Much faster than the Bradley




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Looks great.

Did you have a little taste? Just a little one?
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Now that's a mighty fine looking Brisket     points1.png



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That looks amazing!
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Brisket looks right tasty Rick! drool.gif. And that's a real nice coach too!

Hope you're back to eatin real food soon...get better! icon14.gif

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Looks Real Good from PA, Rick!!Thumbs Up


Look even better if it was a little closer!!!:drool:drool-----------------:points:




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Real good job for a Watt burner , looks like the Flat is spot-on. Thumbs Up:drool.


Nice Motorhome... he says with jealousy .   .   . My retirement vehicle will be a Harley Trike , pulling a Smoker. :ROTF

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That's just not right :)

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Are you sending samples out ?



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