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with the trailer i have id like to have a side mounted FB. I looked up the center mounted smokers and with the setup i have that not gonna work. Trailer reasons. If i did just a regular stick burning smoker had the FB to CC opening on the bottom and exhaust oppisite side on top. How much do you guys think my temp difference would be from hot side to cool side? I wouldnt some temp change cause it be nice to have a hot side and cool side with smoking different meats. I mean 10' is a long ways i feel. If it was 20 to 30 degrees wouldnt be the worse.
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You are right, as much as I wanted to build my RF to achieve fairly even temps across the grate, there is also something to be said for having cool and hot spots as well.  Chicken likes to be cooked hotter, briskets can be nice when cooked at a lower temp.  I would reckon that you might have a larger margin than 20 to 30 degrees though on that long of a smoker.  Possibly 50 plus...from FB side to exhaust side.  You could go with tuning plates, which will help out quite a bit.  Start with a solid 12-18 inch plate then start opening your gaps all the way down.  

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So after the first solid piece is in. Just start out after with a 1/2" gap and increase from there? My guess would be with them you wouldnt weld them in place until a couple fires are ran threw and you firgure out the best spacing on them. What kind of height you normally mount them at ? 4 to 6in below grates?
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Yep, 4" below the bottom grate should work just fine.  I wouldn't weld them in, just keep them moveable in case you want to adjust later.

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Sounds good. The only thing would be travling with the trailer and finding some way to keep them in place as you go down the road. Thanks for all the info hope to get started on it this weekend
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Originally Posted by bruno994 View Post

Here is an internal pic of a new line of pits and smokers being built by Champion Smokers...great looking rigs...

Nice smoker.... one more design to think about.... I think they all work... just taking the time to figure them out so you get good Q is what it's all about....
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