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Bacon Bacon Bacon!!

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I wanted to say I am so glad I have started the process of learning how to make my own.



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Right there with ya brother!! I need to start the process of learning how to raise some hogs.

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Originally Posted by Woodcutter View Post

Right there with ya brother!! I need to start the process of learning how to raise some hogs.


I am sure some farmer will take offense but........... remember what I say, that smoking is 15% preparation, 5% dumb luck, and 80% patience? Pigs is about the same. Pigs are smarter than dogs easily trainable, they hate heat cause they don't sweat, and they will eat anything. I killed one of my Pops long ago. I had to put the chainlink fence back up. I used bailing wireto tie the fence to the pole and secured with a twist (like the old rod buster days) then cliped off the ends so no one or pig could hurt themselves. Dang hog ate the little pieces of bailing wire and they perforated his stomach.


Pigs eat anything. You can teach them were to squat so its eaily washed off the deck. You can teach them to turn a water sprinkler on and off to cool thenselves thereby elimating the need for mud. You can teach them how to turn on a water switch to run clear cool water in their drinking bucket (much like I water fountain in school). Heck Pop ever put down a rubber carpet on the concrete so they didn't hurt their little feet.


Problem with raising hogs is you are just starting the cycle. Next you'll have to grow/pick/crush/store your corn..... LOL  Its like smoking.... it just builds upon itself.


Raising the pigs is the easiest part.

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