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cure dissolving and temperature

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I tried searching for old threads on this subject. Does disolving cure #2 in boiling water then chilling, before mixing for sausage, affect the curing process? Some processes I see, ask for cure mixed in ice water. Any difference/ preference?
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I know smarter people will be along, so I'd like to hear their answer. But, I'm positive somewhere I read that cure #1 & #2 shouldn't be added to hot water because it deactivates them....or something like that. 


Like I said, someone will be along with a more thorough answer that I'd like to see also.

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Cure starts to break down, or something like that, above 130..... NEVER dissolve cure in warm liquids...
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yeahthat.gif  It is scary how many TV cooking shows have the house Chef mixing Cure #1 into a big pot of boiling Brine. I saw one for a Corned Beef/Pastrami brine that the Chef said to simmer the Brine for 30 minutes to extract the spice flavor...jaw-dropping.gif...JJ

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Thanks guys! I knew it was something along those lines.
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Thank you guys for the info! It's the attention to details that makes a difference.
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