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First beef on the smoker

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Picked up a 3.3 lb top round. Rubbed it with montreal seasoning, onion powder and garlic powder. only had 5 hrs to let it sit in the fridge as it was a last minute purchase this morning. also put some red potatoes on and 2 eggs to try smoking them. Cooking everything on my UDS. Planning to cook to 130 and wrap to sit till dinner. Put it on at noon @ 220 - 225 pit temp. a little windy today so the temps are fluctuating a bit.



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Should be tasty!
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Nice looking Beef there. Should be great.

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Looks Good




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Well that cooked pretty fast. Hit 130 at 2.25 hrs. took it out, foiled it, stuck the probe back in to see how high it got resting, wrapped in a towel and in a cooler. Temp rose to 136 before starting to fall again. Took it out and sliced it as thin as I could with a knife. Damn It tastes good. On my remake list. Told the wife I wanted a slicer for my birthday at the end of the month.






The eggs were good too. Just barely a hint of smoke taste. Definately making deviled eggs out of it in the future. Will have to try cold smoke when I get set up for that. 

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yum! looks great!

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Nice looking hunk of beef!
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Very nice job, I say you did great     points1.png



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Thanks guys. Think this just helped me convince the wife I need a slicer. Thumbs Up  She said I cut it a little too thick for sandwiches. But man it's great eating the slices. Having trouble walking away. My 5 year old loves it too.

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:points:Gunkle That looks great I can bring my slicer up for steak and eggs breakfast JK 

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