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Just saying HI. trying to get all info needed before cutting into 3'x6' tank for RF smoker. Great site!!!

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I like smoker builds



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Welcome to the site.  Best luck with your smoker build.  Post up pictures of your project.

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Sounds like an excellent build, I hope to start a RF someday but for now I'm just enjoying my freshly finished Mini WSM.  Welcome to the forum, lots of great advice and better people.  Good luck, my friend.

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Thx all , will load up pics after weekend, converting CL home made cycle trailer to mount smoker on. Had to extend it and redo the hitch.
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:popcorn  On standby for pic's.

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I am just one notch above a newbie and I can't even spell 3x6 RF tank. I wish you all the luck in your build. This is absolutely the greatest place that you could be. Everyone here is very knowledgable and always eager to help. I read through a 10 page thread today that was several years old. A guy was building a RF smoker and was documenting every step and covering every step with pics. He got assistance from a lot of folks and the entire build was most interesting. I don't have the equipment nor the skills to ever attempt a build, but I could not stop reading. You will get all of the help that you could ever need.

Good welding and good smoking. Please send lots of pics. Joe
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