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Wow my head is officially spinning. That was a lot of information to digest. I guess I need to do some more reading on curing meats. Thanks Wade for taking it upon yourself to run some tests. I'm sure there are numerous arguments for and against any curing style.

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If you hadn't noticed, Ghenges has been banned forever now by the Admins.  No need to address his so-called 'arguements'.  Well, at least until he changes his IP address... again.


Thank you Wade for bearing with him until he could be banned, and likewise everyone else.  These decisions don't come easily, but are final when done.

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Back to where it all started ....we probably hijacked the other thread.

You claim.the 10% method was used as equilibrium method. I disagree. After 7 days the belly was at 11%, pickup a little more than what the book says, the loin at 7% yet they already had over 500ppm nitrite. I am pretty sure even at 10% the belly would have been close to 500ppm.
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