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Offset? Reverse? Side fire box?

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Wondering if there is a tutorial of some sort on here that explains them? The design, how/why they work, advantages/disadvantages of one over the other etc. Sure there is Google but I trust what you folks say...
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Just browsed thru an article on the advising to steer clear of the "cheaper" ones due to design/build quality issues..guessing, if there is any truth to THAT article that there are some fixes for some of the alleged troubles?

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Look for which ever type you prefer, thicker metal is always better, quality and durability. a lot of the mass produced smokers need a little tweaking, But that is usually pretty easy. Some go for the big combo units I not sure about that, I have a smoker and a grill.



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Go big or go home ...



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My stick burner is a cheap Charbroil and after quite a few mods it still does not hold heat that well. It's fun though. If you can weld then you can make it a great one but then it might just be better to spend extra money on a good one from the start.

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I posted this a week or so ago    Might help



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Hello inkjunkie.  That post by gary s is a good read.  I see you are building a UDS.  I would advise to just live with that for a time before jumping into another build or purchase.  You may well find that UDS does everything you require from a smoker.  IF you want an answer; reverse every time!  I used and built a few smokers in my time and some to crazy idea designs but done right the reverse design is hard to beat.  The BIG trailer mounts can be impressive as heck.  Here is the problem:  How often do you need to feed 382 1/2 people?  :icon_biggrin:  As gary points out in his thread what are your needs and how often will you use it?  I found I was using my big smoker less and less because it became a chore.  Just my thoughts.  All down to personal preference and personal circumstances.  Keep Smokin!


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