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Roasted pork belly

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This was done in the oven. Just perfect dish after a day on the ski hill.

Two pieces of belly - scored skin

Blasted with high heat for 15min then at 325 for 2.5h. Added wine for the last hour.

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I made a similar dish using pork belly and Makers Mark bourbon.  Same checkboard cut, only belly cooked at 275 for 31/2 hours before going under the broiler and then cutting apart and into the bourbon glaze.  Was outstanding, restaurant quality.



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Looks Mighty Tasty from my house!!!:drool:drool




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Man that does look good !   Thumbs Up :drool



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Why keep the skin on? Doesn't it get tough?

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No. It gets crunchy. Arguably the best part.
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We use the raid the lu'au pig and steal the belly and do this...

We'd then dice it up and make Filipino style kilawan with rice! I love that stuff...
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Looks tasty!
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Nice looking piece of pork!



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Man does that look good!

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I'll second that again



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