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I thought i did everything right...?!

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My first pork butt on the wsm today. Cooked it at 225-250 to internal trmp of 160. Foiled it then until 203 internal temp and rested it for 3 hrs.

The bone effortlessly came out with 2 fingers and the pork pulled apart very easily with 2 forks. It was so tender i could have pulled it by hand... So all perfect...but it was dry!!

Any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe the butt itself just didnt have enough internal fat/marbling?

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May have been extra lean 



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I bought a pork sirloin roast once and it was dry as the bone pulled from it. Maybe the meat could have been mislabeled.
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Interisting about the mislabel. There was one big bone in it but also the ends of 2 ribs. Can that happen in a butt?
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Hello.  I could be TOTALLY wrong but I'll bet I know where this went wrong.  Just my opinion.  Did you have a drip pan under the butt?  Did you add the jucies from the meat back to the pulled pork?  Were you making traditional Carolina style pulled pork?  That calls for adding vinegar and such.  The "new" style calls for adding a BBQ sauce.  I notice the finishing sauce is sometimes left out of the posts you see here.  The sauce makes it pulled pork.  Also are you sure your therm was reading correctly?  Just my thoughts.  Keep Smokin!


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Hi thanks, ive checked the therms so i know thats not the issue. I didnt have a drip pan but did add all the juices from the foil when i pulled it. I also used a vinegar based finishing sauce.

I'm convinced the meat was just too lean. I've dont plenty of slow cooked picnic shoulders in the oven and they've always been really moist. Is meat off the smoker generally less moist than oven??
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There is little difference between smoked and roasted pork. This dry meat happens, fortunately not too often. That butt may have been from a younger lean pig. Being young, the meat does not contain the amount of fat and connective tissue (collagen) that an older pig can have. Both the fat and collagen contributes the moisture in pork butts and picnic shoulders as heating to an IT over 165°F cooks out most of the water in the meat...JJ

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Never seen rib ends in a butt, did the big bone look like this-


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Thread Starter wasn't like that!! Sounds like i got a mis-labeled butt?!
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Yeah, you probably got one of those athletic pigs that works out and hangs out at the gym, slim, trim, all muscled up.

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Originally Posted by iconnolly View Post wasn't like that!! Sounds like i got a mis-labeled butt?!


Sounds like some sort of bone in pork loin roast, sometimes called a sirloin roast.

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