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Smoked potatoes

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OK, this is how crazy I'm getting about smoking. I ran out to pick up lunch for us at a local burger joint who has great hand cut fries. On my way to the car I passed my MES which has a load of pork bellies in it smoking. Then I started to think about the fries I was going to pick up, then BAM it hit me. SMOKED FRENCH FIRES!!!! Has any one tried this? Can potatoes be cold smoked then deep fried? Genius or stupid?

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Give it a try and let us know how it turns out. I do smoke tators all the time.

Happy smoken.


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Do i cold smoke them?

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I would cold smoke then fry or broil,them. Try multiple ways tell us what works best!
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I think sometimes people par boil potatoes before they cut them up for I would think that even hot-smoking them for a bit (but not until they are fully cooked) before you cut and fry would be about the same thing.

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