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rf build in the works

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Im in the process of 120 gal build and considering using tuning plates. I wonder if I should use feldons times 1.5 for the dimensions just like a rf smoker. This is my first build and have really enjoyed reading thru these forums to gain knowledge from experience.
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I would not.... Feldon's is designed using the Firebox as the basis.... you want the Cook Chamber as the basis...
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Ok so use cc volume x .oo4 for the opening ? Just like a rf or should it be more or less with tuning plates .
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CC volume x 0.004 is a good way to go.... That's what I would do considering the negatives.......
It can be less as the friction inside the CC has been reduced through the use or tuning plates.... I wouldn't reduce it by more than 10%..... because, there could have been problems with the original calculations..... I have read Aliens tutorial on how they arrived at the calculator.... They took all the data from all the smokers and crunched the numbers..... not actually testing each smoker... just using figures obtained from members.... That in itself is OK, but, smokers that had overheated FB's were also used..... I took a stab at a 50% increase and passed that on to folks that had problems.... high FB temps.... high fuel consumption and low heat in the CC.... realized the problem and a SWAG ensued that worked.... 45% could have worked .... 40% could have worked..... but considering the situation, and realizing the outcome and success folks have had, I ain't willing to screw with the numbers....
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Thanks Dave Omak. Any one have any experience on a tune plate smoker of this size ? I don't know anyone with one I just liked the idea of it.
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OK After more hrs. of reading threads i have decided to scratch the tune plates and go w/ standard reverse flow . I have 2 questions.

    1) On the firebox,  is it necessary to have the top of the firebox on the same plane as the cc/fb opening or is there any advantage or dis advantage to having it 2" to 3" above the opening ? I do plan to have a warmer on top ?

  2) Is there an advantage to the smoke stack going straight out the center of the cc at the fb end or can it be offset toward the rear ?


   Any input is greatly appreciated .

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Below is the basic RF design that works.... If you experience hot spots on the top of the FB and/or RF plate, a heat deflector can be installed after the build.....

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Any opinions or facts on this design for a rf plate ? I was thinking it may help with hot spot but not sure about friction. Go from 2" above fb to 8" in middle back to 2" above fb plane. 7.5" from bottom of tank to fb top.

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Got about half a day into the build w/ some help from my 13 yr old son.

Got partially mounted on trailer and some cuttin and grinding done.
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He can't get that out of his Xbox controller.
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Amen. teach those kids some trades. They can always eat if they can work metal, not so true with xbox.......

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Recon a 1/2" over hang is enough for the cc door flange ? I have 1" x 3/16 flat bar . It should definitely reinforce the door . I am also considering some @ 16 gauge x 1" around the inside. Not much over hang but double flanged. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Made more progress.
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??? Need input on exaust stack volume. I have 27720 cc . I think I need 471.24 above . I have a 4.875 I.d. pipe but if I calculated correctly , that will be 25.24 high. Will it be ok at 30" or 36" high or should I find a smaller pipe ? Didn't know if it would let too much heat out. Thanks
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