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First Try

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Took some cheddar jalapeño kielbasa I smoked a couple ovenweeks ago and rolled a fatty.

All rolled up. Sorry I forgot to take building picks. Pepper bacon, ground beef and sausage in the middle

Ready for the smoke.

2 hours @ 235*

Brushed with homemade BBQ sauce and finished in a 400* oven for 20 min to crisp bacon and hit IT.

Finished product. Very tasty.

Thanks for looking.
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That looks amazing! Nice weave on the bacon. Never tried a fattie, but after seeing this I just might. Thanks for sharing your smoke, David.
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Great fatties there. Way to go! :drool:

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If I can help you out if you like your bacon crispier, this is what I do. Warm up your bacon in the microwave just a little bit and roll out with a rolling pin. It really works. I have a super hard time buying cheap thin crap bacon and this has solved that problem for me.

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