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First time for pulled pork

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Smoking a pork shoulder roast (bone-in) for my first time.


I've seen timing should be about1-1.5 hours per pound - this puppy is about 3.5 pounds, so thinking around 5 hrs (though with the warmer weather down here, my times have been considerably less than I initially calculated.  I'm shooting for internal temp of about 205 degrees, so we'll see.


About how long should I wait before foiling the meat (or should I even foil this small of a hunk)?  If I do foil it, do I put any liquid in the foil?  I know I do for ribs but not sure about the pulled pork...




post #2 of 5 read the recipe and follow it to the t. You can't go wrong with this step by step. You don't cook by time but to temperature. It is important to know the temp of your smoker as well as the meat to get it right.

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2 hours per pound at 225 degrees smoker temp. then a two hour rest wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler.


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Thanks, timber.


I took a peek at it and was planning to shoot for that on the internal temps anyway.  Problem, I can't necessarily change the temp of my smoker - Brinkman Electric.  Yes, I have a meat thermometer with a probe on it and am planning to insert that into the meat @ some point, but I don't think I can do much to adjust the temp the smoker runs at.  But you gave me something to use as some guidelines, anyway.



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Holding steady at 176 internal temp.  I have it in the oven at 250, after it spent about 4 hrs in the smoker.  Wrapped in foil, but I think there might be a hole in it, as there's juice all in the bottom of the pan.  Hopefully it'll still turn out ok, but we'll see - got things to meddle with for next time, at any rate.

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