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old cure

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I found some old curing salt. Any suggestions on what would be safest way to get rid of it? Thanks.

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It will be fine to use.... It is a salt.... salts don't break down with age.... Does it have a label on it so you know what cure it is....
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it was morton  tenderquick. I called and they said not to use it. it has nitrites, nitrates, and propylene glycol. I forgot to ask how to get rid off.

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Does it have a "best by use date".....
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Originally Posted by pabs View Post

I found some old curing salt. Any suggestions on what would be safest way to get rid of it? Thanks.

Get rid of it in sausage of course!  


Never heard of cure expiring.  And Tenderquick is just salt, cure & sugar.  What's to expire?  I suspect they have "expiration" and "best buy" dates to comply with FDA regulations.  I guess it depends on how it was stored.  If it was exposed to open air and moisture cycles there may be something to that date thing as the cure may have activated and no longer be viable?  If it was in a tightly closed container, I say use it.


On a side note about expiration dates, some years back when I was working at the Sheriff's Office we were moving some stuff out of storage in the basement of the courthouse.  Found several cartons of Civil Defense canned food and water from the early 1960's in a room that was part of an old Civil Defense fallout shelter.   One of the brave (or foolish) guys opened a can of meat (spam) and it looked and smelled like spam I would have bought yesterday.  Then he tasted it and said it was fine.  He even chased it with a can of water.  Never got sick, either.   Those items had a canned date on them but did not have "expiration" dates.  Guess that was before the FDA required that sort of thing.  I figure that stuff had been there since 1961 or 1962 based on the other stuff we found sitting on top of the boxes.  The crackers were stale smelling even though their metal can was sealed.

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I  empted it into a jar when I had used it. I taped some info on jar but their was no date. probably because too old. Morton  said since   I did that  it may not be good. anyway I think I had rather not use it. I just need to know what would be best way to dispose of it if anyone knows.

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Wash it down the drain. Dump it in the toilet and flush. There's nothing in it that can't be washed down the drain.
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