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Cold smoked Lox

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Following bbally's lox recipe



I started out with a little under 4 pounds of Salmon.  Smelled great  coming out of the dry cure, really nice citrus smell from the zest. 


It's been well below freezing here at home, so certainly won't have to worry about the smoker getting too warm.  Ended up smoking it on my MES 30 for 3 hours using the MES cold smoke attachment and apple wood.  Temperature stayed pretty consistent at about 54 degrees.


Tried a piece right off the smoker and it was intense.  After giving it 24 hours in the reefer, calmed right down.  I like lox, but most of this will go to friends and family as a treat!


Dry cured and zest added




Set up to dry in the reefer.



Almost there....put some ice in the water tray for peace of mind....granted it was 8 degrees outside.



All packaged up and ready to go!



Happy Smokin',


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Looks great! Cold smoked lox is one of my favorite things.
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That looks great. I love sharing my craft with friends and family.

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Nice looking lox! Nice smoke!
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Yum! Congrats.

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Man that looks Tasty, Great Job    :points:



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A lox bagel sounds great right now. Awesome job, I like just looking at these pictures.
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Tried Lox once. Russian guy. Gotta get used to texture.

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Cream cheese, Locks and Bagels    Been a long time but pretty good



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How delicious! I haven't been online so much lately and am making up for it today, and this is a treat to see! Beautiful! Cheers! - Leah

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I think Lox is the best way to eat salmon... true, intense flavor.... don't get much better than that...... Yours looks awesome.....
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That's what our fishing buddies tell us when we feed that to them.  Lox with cream cheese and capers on thin crackers....Yum!

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I reluctantly tried smoked salmon with blue cheese...thinking the strong flavours would be overwhelming for the fish. It is actually a great combination.
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Now I know what to do with my salmon. Thanks!

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Salmon is great,  Blue cheese on anything is good



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