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Big Build!!

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Alright ladies and gents,


I have been visiting this site for some time now collecting ideas and just viewing posts in general.  I have been cooking with smokers for years and I have even cooked large amounts for catering and fundraising in weights of 1200 to 1500# of brisket at once.  When I did this I had to use 5 or 6 different large smokers at once making for a long day with several fires to tend.  I would sure like to reduce the amount of fire tending and the amount of pits.  One fire or two tops would be great. 


So I have a solution, but I would like some feed back.  I have acquired two 1000 gallon propane tanks that haven't been used in years.  I plan on starting with just one of them, but I hope to build a smoker that I can place three tiered racks in for the best use of space.  I would also like to use the reverse method but I am concerned that I may not get the temps that I need at the far end.  I have just seen the new pit calculator indicating the increase in FB opening and air inlet etc.  Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts that I may not be considering. 


My original idea was an offset with a large FB reverse flow, and I was eventually going to build two of these that matched and place them on the same trailer.  I do have a large goose neck trailer that will accommodate both.  And I have been known to not do anything half way.  I suppose that is a fault of mine to a point.


The other idea is perhaps placing a FB in the center and reverse both directions.  This method is not out of the question but it would limit me to just one smoker on my trailer.


I know, I know some will say "this thing is huge why do you need two"?  Believe me with the amounts of meat that I have been cooing I'm sure I could use them both.


I have even considered a potential propane assist with a long burner that runs below the reverse plate just to even out the temps and make them more consistent.  Again this would be just for catering and fundraising not competition.


Any thoughts or maybe a slap up side the head asking me what I'm thinking would be great.



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I'm finishing a BBQ 1000 gal tank.  First, I a divided it with 5/16 plate in the middle of the tank. 2nd  I added a 6in angle iron the middle and placed fire box on each end.  It will hold 155 Boston butts. 



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cool would you happen to have any pictures?

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How do you upload on this site?

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in the reply section below there is an icon where you can upload a photo

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I will post some pics of my tanks and trailer when I get home.  Any thoughts on a "T" design with a FB directly under the CC and one large stack in the middle of the CC?

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Here is a pic of the starting material for the big build.

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Another view

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tex, this looks to be an interesting build, I am looking forward to it, I don't know how much help I will be, I have built several smokers but nothing that big, the pit calculator seems to be spot on, I think you will be able to gather a lot of help on this site, keep us updated and I am sure the help will come, a lot of good people with a lot of different expertise, good luck, Bonz

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I'll check back in a couple of years biggrin.gif

this aughta be interesting ...
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The tanks are 41" diameter. the total length from tip of dome to dome is 15' 6" and from edge of dome to edge of dome is 12' 6".

Richard.... I got your numbers.... It will take a bit but I'll be back.... busy day now...

231,000 cubic inches..... That's what I'm using for volume...

And this calculating tutorial......

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231,000 x 0.004 = 924 sq. in.FB/CC opening / Area under the RF plate / Area at end of RF plate

231,,000 x .33 = 77,000 sq. in. minimum for the FB

231,000 x 0.001 = 231 sq. in. ... Air inlets to the FB.... 200 below / 24 above +/-

231,000 x 0.017 = 4,000 +/- / 0.7854 x 12 x 12 = 35" tall x 12" ID stack.... I would go 42" tall... (above the CC)..

Radius 20"..

Chord AB = 40"

Seg. Area = 550 sq. in. too small...

The tank diameter is too small for it's length, to flow air properly.....

Think about Tracy Adams design....

Tracy...... you got pictures....... Dave
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This looks like a cool build can't wait
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Thanks Dave, that is a lot of work for you to do and I really appreciate it. I get where all of the numbers come from for the CC, FB, stack etc. But I'm a little cinfused as to where you got the number for the ratio of diameter versus the length to determine that the flow wouldn't be right.
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Take a closer look..... The RF plate is maxed to width.... can't get no wider... and the area under the RF plate is not what's needed.... only 2/3 the area needed for good air flow.... Calc. says we need 900 sq. in. or so...... and using 1/2 of the tank volume we have only 550 cu. in.......

231,000 x 0.004 = 924 sq. in.FB/CC opening / Area under the RF plate


Radius 20"..

Chord AB = 40"

Seg. Area = 550 sq. in. too small...
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Ok makes sense thanks
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So it's back to the drawing board.
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Thanks Tracy.

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Thanks Tracy.


Dave I wonder how well ribwizzards pit works since it is so similar to what we are figuring?  I pm'd him but apparently he hasn't been on the forum in over a month.  I have a couple of thoughts that I am going to put down on paper and then scan onto here for comments.


Thanks for all the help.

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