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Mrs. Griz’s Dried Beef and Cheese Mini Quiches

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 I had told Bear about the wife making these mini quiches out of the dried beef that he makes and he wanted me to post up on how they were put together. I managed to talk the lady of the house into letting me get in the way while she was working on them and got a few pics. She even typed all the following up as I don't know where most of the letters are on a keyboard still..



-                 8 large eggs

-                 1 cup milk  (I use 2%)

-                 1 tsp. granulated garlic powder

-                 1 tsp. onion powder

-                  ¼-1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)

-                  Several shakes of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, or hot sauce of your choice (optional)

-                    ½ tsp salt

-                   Several twists of fresh ground black pepper, to taste


-             1 oz. shredded dried beef

-             1-2 oz. finely shredded cheese (your choice of flavor, but always use “finely” chopped.  I used ½ white cheddar and ½ sharp cheddar.)

1-12 cup silicone mini tart sheet - I have never tried this in anything but a silicone sheet/pan.  I cannot recommend any metal pans.  Here are the ones I’ve tried this in.




***Preheat oven to 325 degrees***

-                      Mix first 8 ingredients into a large mixing bowl, preferably with a pour spout.  Whisk all until well mixed and foamy on top. 

-                      Be sure to place your silicone pan on a metal cookie sheet.  Trust me.  You’ll only do it without one, once! 


        Pour evenly into 12 mini tart cups.



     I do not spray or prepare the cups in any way. 

    The first time I did, 2 of them stuck badly.  But every time since, I’ve not prepared in any way and have not had a single sticking issue since.


    Sprinkle the shredded dried beef evenly into each cup.


    Sprinkle the finely shredded cheese evenly on to the top of each cup.  It will sink some, but that’s ok.


-                 Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes and check them. 


          Since some ovens may cook hotter/faster, it’s a good idea to check it sooner.  When done properly, the tops should be slightly to            moderately brown on top and the yellow egg should not have a “shiny” look it.  Allow to bake up to another 7 minutes to get the desired     done-ness.  Allow to cool and store in Ziploc bags or sandwich containers in refrigerator.  You can freeze these once completely cooled, but I’ve left them in the 36 degree refrigerator for up to 10 days.  


    To Reheat:


   Pop one or two mini quiches in microwave in a microwave safe dish covered loosely w/cellophane just laid over the top.  Heat on high for 8-12  seconds for one and 10-15 seconds for two, depending on power of microwave. 


  I’ve also used Jimmy Dean sausage browned and drained well, with cheese and various seasonings. For this recipe, I only used 8oz of  sausage before browning and it was just the right amount.


-           Eat with toast and jam, buttered and toasted English muffin, fresh orange slices, sliced apples, grapes, yogurt, etc. 


  The combos are as abundant as your imagination!  Enjoy! 



Mini Tart/Cupcake Pan



Dried Beef for the quiches.


Chopped up well.



 Egg mixture added to cups.



Here's the Beef..



Cheese added in.



Here they are just out of the oven.




Side view showing rise.



 Fallen a bit after 5 minutes.


Cooling and drying a bit.


A dozen all packed up and ready to go.



 Hope you liked it and they are delicious.






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Looks tasty! We do these all the time for large gatherings, but use other meats. Search here for Dungeness crab egg muffins and buffalo chicken egg muffins. I'd post the links but my phone won't allow me to do it. The buffalo chicken ones are probably my favorites.
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OMG, Those are Awesome!!:drool:drool


And so convenient to just pop a couple in the Nukulater!!!Thumbs Up


Tell Mrs Griz Thank You for such a Fantastic Step by Step!!!------------:points:


Now I gotta get Mrs Bear some of those Silicone Sheets!!


Thanks Griz!!




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