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Pancetta (UMAI)

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So I started my Pancetta on Saturday. I used the recipe from the UMAI site minus the juniper berries (I never have these at home). When using the recipe, I broke out all of the ingredients into percentages used and I use that method of figuring how much of each spice to use. I find it much easier to weight ingredients this way especially seeing as every piece of meat, whole muscle especially, will weight different. This will cure for 10 days and then get rinsed, rolled and tied, and sealed into an UMAI bag for drying in the fridge. 


Turns out the cake pan I bought it a perfect size for about a 5 lb slab of belly.


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Looks like your off to s great start. Juniper berries we have them everywhere. I missed harvest time last fall so I am running a bit low now.
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Thanks Case. I've never added them into anything that called for it and I can't say I haven't loved the final product without them. I can't say I've ever tasted them either so there's that too. Ohwell, this things smells amazing already in the cure, so I just know it's gonna be good.

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rg looks good I just picked up some Juniper Berries in Bed Bath and Beyond. Were you able to find the 2 1/2 gal zip lock bags?

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Originally Posted by tropics View Post

rg looks good I just picked up some Juniper Berries in Bed Bath and Beyond. Were you able to find the 2 1/2 gal zip lock bags?


I never thought about looking there....odd. I picked up that big cake pan and it fits perfectly into it, so I'm happy. The slab that's in the pan right now it about 4 lbs or so. It's a pretty thin belly really, so I have no doubt this pan could fit a larger/thicker piece with no issues. If I wanted to, I could stack the belly and just flip daily for curing. I'm happy with this one.

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I had ordered some online from one of the spice companies



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Well that Pancetta was pulled from the fridge, rinsed off, and tied and bagged up last night. It will now sit until it's lost a minimum of 30% of it's weight. See ya'll then.



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I will be watching this one I love that stuff



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looks great. Pancetta is on my next to do list. I'm going to keep watching this. 

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one more question, what is the UMAI site?

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Just curious... What are going to do with the final product?

Coal miners pasta? Carbonara...

A few menus ago I used it with sweet potato gnocchis.
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I haven't given it that much thought. I'm usually one to just slice and snack. I know I'll freeze some for when there are parties for sharing. Maybe I'll think of a dish to put the ends into.
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RG, looks good. Seems like the umai bags are really becoming popular. Do you notice much difference between these and regular dry cured products?
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Do you mean that final product the UMAI produced? If so, I thought the final product were very nice. I've got a curing chamber also, but it's not been used to it's fullest potential so I can't say I've made anything the traditional way either.


I've only had 2 things come out of the bags (Soppressata and Chorizo), but as of now I've got a Lonzino, Soppressata de Calabria, Andouille Salami, and this Pancetta going in them. The Lonzino will be the next to come out.

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Looking forward to sliced views. I agree with welsh...pasta carbonara is best with pancetta.
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Originally Posted by rgautheir20420 View Post

http://www.drybagsteak.com/ is the website.

I spent a little time looking around the UMAi website and all I can say is DAMN YOU!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!!! now I have another obsession!!!

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Yeah I know gets you all excited   I can't wait to try something else



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So why exactly does one need an UMAI bag? 


I've been making pancetta for years and it's basically a cured belly then hung to dry.  What does the bag do?

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